dimanche 27 mai 2012

The moment when this blog itself gets retro-futurist...

For many reasons that I'm just too lazy to explain right now, I decided to end this blog (well, not really END actually...). This blog is still open, but from now on, I'll post both new stuff and re-ups on a new blog called

(it's snail on a railroad track, hence the image above...)

I tried to stick to an address that would be easy to remember and merging the titles of my two main blogs I came up with this:  http://smutwardho.blogspot.fr/...

OK, to make it short, I needed to merge 'Weirdward Ho', 'Smutshake Cupcake' and some other blogs into only one blog. Since many followers had suscribed on both main blogs anyway, I thought it could only make things easier. It will also give me new possibilities as I will be able to post things that didn't really belong to any of the former musical genres appearing on the old blogs, like exotica or easy-listening for example... 

One last interesting point is that it will allow you to skip from one blog to another simply by looking at my profile: I run other blogs that might have an interest to you...

like a blog where you'll find what I buy on garage sales, charities etc...

or a blog about library music

... I also run a few blogs about ukulele but I guess we're moving away from what brought you here in the first place !!!

I hope you'll follow me, but if you don't I guess it's just that you were not that interested in what was going on round here anyway, so it'll just help you clean your links :)

See you soon on the other side !

samedi 5 mai 2012

Hi Library Lovers !

To all library lovers :
I just started a new blog dedicated strictly to library records.

It's simply called 'Maiorov Simpleton's Library' and it can be found here:

My aim is to simply put on it every library record I can afford (= almost none as they've become sooo expensive) or find on the net !
Considering how easily links diseappear on blogs, I decided to leech the things I find rather than re-route to the original bloggers like I used to do until now, but main purveyors will nonetheless have their adress  mentioned on a special page, so that each and everyone can visit them.
There's also a request page so that I can let you know what I'm still looking for: if you happen to have or find one on the net, send a link !!! (just leave a comment anywhere and I'll read it)

I started with 47 Telemusic albums, along with 12 Amphonic and 4 Altaxon...
Go have a look, and even drop an ear !
See You !

mercredi 2 mai 2012

Library: TELEMUSIC TM3061-->TM3070

TM3061: Bernard Estardy "Claviers 2" 1976


TM3062: Michel Gonet/Alan Feanch  "TV Evocations Vol.1" 1976


TM3063: Alan Feanch "TV Evocations Vol.2" 1976


TM3064: Michel Gonet/Alan Feanch "TV Sequences" 1976


TM 3065 
 Michel Gonet 


TM3066: Michel Gonet "Phasing News Vol.1" 1976


TM3067: Michel Gonet "Phasing News Vol.2" 1976


TM3068: Jean-Pierre Martin "Guitars & Company Vol.2" 1976


TM3069: Jean Schulteiss "Hot Time" 1976


Sauveur Mallia