lundi 28 février 2011

Forbidden Planet even more lobby cards

John and James Whitney - "Five Film Exercises" (1944-1945)

I couldn't find film number 5 anywhere on the net...
(if ever you find it, please share in the comments !)

John Whitney videos

James Whitney videos

Forbidden Planet lobby cards once more...

The Machines - "Electronic Music" [Chappell] - LPC 1055 (1973)

The Machines 
[Chappell] - LPC 1055

Heinz Funk Electronic Combo - "Moog Synthesizer Music" [Chappell] - CAL 002

Heinz Funk Electronic Combo 
 [Chappell] - CAL 002

Alan Hawkshaw - "Frontiers Of Science" [Bruton] - BRI 6 (1979)

Alan Hawkshaw 
 [Bruton] - BRI 6

Bernard Estardy - "Electro Sounds Vol.2" [Telemusic] - TM 3033 (1973)

Bernard Estardy 
 [Telemusic] - TM 3033

Bernard Estardy - "Electro Sounds Vol.1" [Telemusic] - TM 3018 (1972)

Bernard Estardy 
 [Telemusic] - TM 3018

Bernard Fevre - "The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre" [L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 23 (1975)

Bernard Fevre
[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 23

Nino Nardini - "Nature Nocturne" [L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 21

Nino Nardini
[L'Illustration Musicale] - IM 21


lundi 21 février 2011

"Crash !" - The 1971 short movie... Long before Cronenberg's movie... And two years before Ballard's novel !!!


"Crash !"
1971 - short movie
directed by Harley Cokeliss
after J.G. Ballard's "Atrocity Exhibition" novel.

Characters played by J.G. Ballard himself
and Gabrielle Drake

“When Paul Haggis won the Best Picture Oscar in 2005 for a film called Crash, fellow Canadian David Cronenberg wasn’t among the well-wishers. In fact Cronenberg was positively livid, accusing Haggis of ‘functional stupidity’ for allegedly stealing the title of the Baron of Blood’s 1996 Ballard adaptation. But funnily enough Cronenberg wasn’t the first to direct a film called Crash. He wasn’t even the first to direct a Ballard adaptation called Crash. That’s a title claimed 25 years earlier (allowing for the presence of a rogue exclamation mark) by Harley Cokeliss (formerly known as ‘Harley Cokliss’), who made the 1971 short film ‘Crash!’ from fragments found in Ballard’s Atrocity Exhibition (including the film’s title, punctuation and all, lifted from the title of an Atrocity chapter). Of course, Cokliss also pre-empted Jonathan Weiss’s feature-film version of Atrocity, released in 2000.” 

dimanche 20 février 2011