vendredi 22 juillet 2011

SOUND AND VISION: "Der schweigende Stern" (aka Silent Star / First Spaceship On Venus) (1960, East Germany / Poland) - The movie + The soundtrack

(aka Silent Star / First Spaceship On Venus)
 (1960, East-Germany / Poland) 

Audio in German
English subs HERE

The whole movie in this video !

U.S. version !


The soundtrack of this movie can be found in this compilation
or separately HERE.

SOUND AND VISION: "Im Staub Der Sterne (aka In The Dust Of The Stars)" (1976, East-Germany) - The movie + The soundtrack

(aka In The Dust Of The Stars)

Audio: German
English subs HERE


The OST can be found with others on this compilation, or
separately HERE.

Dexter Wansel - "Voyager" (1978)

Dexter Wansel 

Rüdiger Lorenz - "Invisible Voices" (1983)

Rüdiger Lorenz 

Nytro - "Nytro" (1977)


Gianni Mazza - "Spazio" (197x)

Gianni Mazza 

Apollo - "Apollo" (1979)


jeudi 21 juillet 2011

Movie: "Superargo Vs Diabolicus" (1967)

Audio: English, no subs

Movie: "Galaxina" (1980)

Audio: dual audio German + English
no subtitles

With Playboy Playmate of the Year for 1980 Dorothy Stratten !

Conrad Schnitzler - Official videos for CON

Conrad Schnitzler supervises his videos on the net : the videos here
are officially authorized by their owner.

More videos on Conrad Schnitzler official video page:

Conrad Schnitzler Videos

Conrad Schnitzler - Documentairies

English speaking with French subs

German, no subs

Conrad Schnitzler:
French wiki
English wiki

Conrad Schnitzler - "Ballet Statique"

Conrad Schnitzler 
 "Ballet Statique"

Get it at Bleeding Panda

Ted Atking / Alain Feanch / Cecil Wary - "Scoop" (197_, Sonoton) - SON 153

Ted Atking / Alain Feanch / Cecil Wary 
(197_, Sonoton) 
 SON 153

Get it at Val Verde Music

mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Midnight Star - "The Beginning"

Midnight Star 

Les Yper Sound (Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier) - "Too Fortiche Psyche Rock"

Les Yper Sound
 (Pierre Henry / Michel Colombier) 

(5 tracks)

Various Artists - "L'Amigamore - Tanzmusik aus der DDR 1963 - 1970"

Various Artists 

Lalo Schifrin - "Towering Toccata" (CTI)

Lalo Schifrin 

Harvey Mandel - "Electronic Progress" (1971)

Harvey Mandel 

Astral Sounds - "Melodious Thunk" (1982 Music De Wolfe)

Astral Sounds 
(1982 Music De Wolfe)

SOUND AND VISION: "Day Of The Triffids" OST by Ron Goodwin (1962) + The movie

Ron Goodwin 

The movie

Audio: English, no subs

Russ Garcia - "The Time Machine" OST (1960)

Russ Garcia 


The movie by George Pal

Ronald Stein - "Invasion Of The Saucer Men" OST (1957)

 Ronald Stein 

Claude Larson - "Synchrosonic Patterns"

Claude Larson 
 "Synchrosonic Patterns"

Get it at Dusty Shelf

Claude Larson - "Synthesis"

Claude Larson 

Get it at Funky Frolic