vendredi 22 juillet 2011

SOUND AND VISION: "Der schweigende Stern" (aka Silent Star / First Spaceship On Venus) (1960, East Germany / Poland) - The movie + The soundtrack

(aka Silent Star / First Spaceship On Venus)
 (1960, East-Germany / Poland) 

Audio in German
English subs HERE

The whole movie in this video !

U.S. version !


The soundtrack of this movie can be found in this compilation
or separately HERE.

4 commentaires:

  1. I got really excited when I saw the length of your rip of 'Der Schweigende Stern' because at 1:40ish it was ten minutes longer than the version I have only to realise at the end the DVD extras are tagged onto the rip along with adverts for Eolomea and 'Im Staub Der Stern' (so cool to see the rip of it posted by you as I had yet to see it..'Eolomea' is a classic sci-fi film as well as I am sure you are aware - available on torrent for anyone interested in seeing it).

    By the way, there seems to be some problem with the SUB file of Der Schweigende Stern, I wanted to check if they were the same as the SRT subtitles I have but could not get them to load on either VLC or on SMPlayer (the problem could be my end but all other subtitle files work fine on my machine) - if you or someone else could check it out I would be grateful.

    As an aficionado of late 20th century low-budget western sci-fi I had watched 'First Spaceship On Venus' a few times over the years with no idea that an 'original' source for the footage existed, namely that an entirely different film was embedded within did explain one of the curious mysteries of the film, the fact that the set and design was so visually compelling and original and yet the editing, script and story was pure Ed Woods territory (and I think I am probably doing Mr Woods a disservice here!)...

    ..Anyway, when I finally discovered Der Schweigende Stern existed it was a total revelation and I realised Spaceship From Venus was like painting a big McDonalds 'M' over the Mona about destroying a work of art!

  2. You're right about the subs... They work on my PC but I opened the file to see if I could work on a french translation and discoverd it's all written in some kind of code I can't read at all... Definitely not SRT !!!

  3. I DO have Eolomea somewhere on a hard drive... But I can't find where !!!!

  4. those subs can are read by windows media.