mercredi 16 février 2011

SOUND AND VISION: Alain Goraguer - "La Planète Sauvage"(OST + Movie)

Alain Goraguer


directed by René Laloux 
drawings by Roland Topor

Language: french
no subs

More about the movie HERE

(in french)

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  1. Fantastic Planet is definitely one of my all time favourite films and the soundtrack by Alain Goraguer is just as wonderful...

    The other soundtracks to René Laloux's animations are pretty cool as well such as Ghandahar but the one that I love the most is the soundtrack to his 1982 film 'Time Masters' (or 'Les Maitres Du Temps' to give it its original title) done by Jean-Pierre Bourtayre which is just impossible to find anywhere!

    I have a couple of tracks from the soundtrack including the end title (which imo is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever conceived) as MP3 rips which were taken from the DVD but I have never seen a copy of the soundtrack to Time Masters anywhere! I read it was released on CD in France in 1982 but thats about it....have you ever seen a copy of it for sale anywhere? I would be more than happy to buy a copy or maybe you know someone who has it?

  2. Sorry, I don't have the soundtrack to 'Les maîtres du temps', ... But I've got the animation, as well as many others, and your comment makes me think they would perfectly fit on this blog !

  3. Thinking of it, I don't have the soundtrack to 'Les Maîtres du temps' but I have the soundtrack to 'Les mondes engloutis' (composed by Vladimir Cosma) which was a TV series also drawn by Moebius... Guess I'll have to share this one soon too !

  4. The 1982 Jean-Pierre Bourtayre soundtrack to 'Les Maîtres du Temps' (I don't know why I referred to it as 'The Time Masters' as I consider it a less superior version..the American accents have me reaching for the sick bag!)just seems impossible to find for sale anywhere on the net...I wonder if you would know any online site in France that may sell it? I imagine it would cost quite a bit of cash but given the fact it is one of my all time favourite soundtracks, it would be worth the investment (and of course I would send anyone who can locate it a nice FLAC rip and scans!)..

    Huge thanks for the 'Les Mondes Engloutis' soundtrack by Vladimir Cosmo, it is absolutely beautiful! I thought the YT clips looked familiar, the show was renamed 'Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea' and I remember catching a few episodes as I loved the animation (the music like the voices was re-done which is probably why the music was not memorable in the slightest!

    It is weird you should say Moebius drew the animation as the characters and style look very similar to Les Maîtres Du Temps' (the little boy especially) and yet I am quite a big Jean Giraud fan and can never remember reading about this series.

    I checked the credits on the IMdB database for the series here

    So either he is going under another pseudonym that I am not aware of, or he designed the project and then pulled out so was uncredited and it's a sore point, hence no discussion about it...or they just ripped the entire style of Rene Laloux's and Moebius off and presented it as their own!

    ps> If you are French or speak the language, some kind soul has put up the entire series of Les Mondes Engloutis on Megaupload for download or viewing.

  5. SORRY, MY MISTAKE !!! "Les mondes engloutis" wasn't drawn by Moebius/Giraud, but by Patrick Claeys, as french wikipedia says here:

    The tone and the design of the whole thing looked like his work to me ! I didn't actually think he would have really "drawn" the whole thing but I thought he had character-designed it... I am french, and so I had the luck to see the whole series on TV when I was a child, but I'd love to watch it again and show it to my eldest daughter !!!

  6. some info about Patrick Claeys here (french wiki):
    The guy worked in a few comics, drew some movie posters, and then turned to storyboarding, which he teaches nowadays. His work on "Les mondes engloutis" is apparently his only experience in cartoon design, but he also directed a few other cartoons and short movies later...