vendredi 13 janvier 2012

COMMANDO SPATIAL (aka Raumpatrouille) - Update : VF !

Je viens à l'instant de trouver des liens de la géniale série Raumpatrouille (déjà présente sur ce blog ICI)
en version française... ICI

mercredi 11 janvier 2012

Movie: "Voyage To The Prehistoric Planet" (1965)


directed by Curtis Harrington

This film is an adapted and edited version of the 1962 Russian movie Planeta Bur (which is actually much better than this one and is also available on this blog HERE ). 

Curtis Harrington removed all original credits to hide the fact that this was not his movie, thus some soviet actors remained completely uncredited while others were given fake names. 
...American director Curtis Harrington himself changed his name for John Sebastian !

(source wikipedia - see also the Planeta Bur wiki)

UFO: Italian Panini Sticker Album

UFO: Italian Panini Sticker Album
Get it HERE

Movie: "Отроки во Вселенной / Otroki vo vselennoy" (a.k.a. "Teens in the universe") - 1974

(a.k.a. "Teens in the universe") 
- 1974 -

Russian sci-fi movie directed by Richard Viktorov

dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Various Artists - "Maïorov's Simple Tastes" (vol.1) - Mixtape

Various Artists 
 Mixtape - 12/31/2011

2nd mixtape ! 

This one is more or less based on soul/funk space cinematic sounds... This time, it is strictly based on the vinyls I digged here and there (or just 'bought', basically): no mp3s from the net, no CDs, just the good old sound of the needle on the piece of vinyl, and believe me you're gonna hear it: This comes strictly from my low-tech turntable to your delicate ears ! (All those tracks come from LPs that have been posted on one of my blogs... For any further info, feel free to ask in the comments)


Tracklist goes like this:
01 Introduction - La Stéréophonie Parfaite
02 Orchestra Harlow - Horsin' Up
03  John Keating - Star Trek
04 Georges Garvarentz - Jerk à l'orientale
05  Geoff Love - Tubular Bells
06 Isaac Hayes - Hung Up On My Baby
07 Georges Garvarentz - Haschisch Party
08 François De Roubaix - Piti-Piti-Pas
09 Jean-W. Glückert - Tropical Night
10 Zane Cronje - The Hustler
11 Eumir Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra
12 Willy Brezza - Kalù
13 Janko Nilovic - Gipsy Funk
14 The Bob Crewe Generation - The Blackqueen's Bead
15 Jimi Tenor And Kabu Kabu - Mogadishu Ave.
16 Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (Addis)
17 Curtis Mayfield - Beautiful Brother Of Mine
18 Isaac Hayes - The End Theme (Three Tough Guys)