jeudi 7 juillet 2011

"Raumpatrouille" - German TV series (1966)

"Was heute noch wie ein Märchen klingt, kann Morgen Wirklichkeit sein. Hier ist ein Märchen von Übermorgen!"

Raumpatrouille - or Raupatrouille Orion (german wiki here)
a.k.a. Space Patrol - or Space Patrol Orion (english wiki here)
a.k.a. Commando Spatial (french wiki here)

Raumpatrouille is a german TV series of 7 episodes that was released in germany in 1966, and acquired cult status in Germany. Its soundtrack was composed by the great Peter Thomas (Original OST by Peter Thomas HERE).

In France, it got broadcasted in 1967 and a song sung by Virginie Rodin over the original theme was released (listen to it HERE).

 In England, its title can be quite confusing  as an english TV series using animated puppets called Space Patrol was created in 1962. (more info on its wiki HERE).
In the USA, the same kind of confusion can happen: "Space Patrol" is also a 1950's TV series that was used for the very first 3d-TV experiment  (more info on this one HERE)

Rumour has it that more than 7 episodes were written but decors and special effects were way too expensive for Bavaria Film Studios, and therefore Raumpatrouille had to come to an end !

In 2003 a movie (called "Raumpatrouille Orion – Rücksturz ins Kino") was also made using material from the 7 original episodes.


Episode 1:
Angriff aus dem All
Language: german + english subs

Sous-titres français ici


Episode 2:
Planet ausser Kurs


Episode 3:
Hüter des Gesetzes


Episode 4:


Episode 5:
Der Kampf um die Sonne


Episode 6:


Episode 7:




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  1. Hi,
    Any chance to a link for episodes 3 to 7 ?
    I wish I had lived in the 60's and watch those
    episodes in glorious black and white tv transmission !

  2. Episodes 3 to 7 WILL have a link too... but it takes time !!!

  3. ok thanks !
    I had already taken a look on them a few years ago
    when I holded a german DVD release without any subtitles at all.
    Since I know only a few words in german like "atem", "Kraftwerk", "zeit", "green desert" was a bit painful at that time.
    Now I have the chance to understand what I'm seeing.
    thank you.

  4. Hurray ! I've found time to complete all 7 links... And I'm even working on a french translation of episode 1 !