dimanche 1 janvier 2012

Various Artists - "Maïorov's Simple Tastes" (vol.1) - Mixtape

Various Artists 
 Mixtape - 12/31/2011

2nd mixtape ! 

This one is more or less based on soul/funk space cinematic sounds... This time, it is strictly based on the vinyls I digged here and there (or just 'bought', basically): no mp3s from the net, no CDs, just the good old sound of the needle on the piece of vinyl, and believe me you're gonna hear it: This comes strictly from my low-tech turntable to your delicate ears ! (All those tracks come from LPs that have been posted on one of my blogs... For any further info, feel free to ask in the comments)


Tracklist goes like this:
01 Introduction - La Stéréophonie Parfaite
02 Orchestra Harlow - Horsin' Up
03  John Keating - Star Trek
04 Georges Garvarentz - Jerk à l'orientale
05  Geoff Love - Tubular Bells
06 Isaac Hayes - Hung Up On My Baby
07 Georges Garvarentz - Haschisch Party
08 François De Roubaix - Piti-Piti-Pas
09 Jean-W. Glückert - Tropical Night
10 Zane Cronje - The Hustler
11 Eumir Deodato - Also Sprach Zarathustra
12 Willy Brezza - Kalù
13 Janko Nilovic - Gipsy Funk
14 The Bob Crewe Generation - The Blackqueen's Bead
15 Jimi Tenor And Kabu Kabu - Mogadishu Ave.
16 Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa (Addis)
17 Curtis Mayfield - Beautiful Brother Of Mine
18 Isaac Hayes - The End Theme (Three Tough Guys)

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