samedi 5 mai 2012

Hi Library Lovers !

To all library lovers :
I just started a new blog dedicated strictly to library records.

It's simply called 'Maiorov Simpleton's Library' and it can be found here:

My aim is to simply put on it every library record I can afford (= almost none as they've become sooo expensive) or find on the net !
Considering how easily links diseappear on blogs, I decided to leech the things I find rather than re-route to the original bloggers like I used to do until now, but main purveyors will nonetheless have their adress  mentioned on a special page, so that each and everyone can visit them.
There's also a request page so that I can let you know what I'm still looking for: if you happen to have or find one on the net, send a link !!! (just leave a comment anywhere and I'll read it)

I started with 47 Telemusic albums, along with 12 Amphonic and 4 Altaxon...
Go have a look, and even drop an ear !
See You !

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