mardi 12 juillet 2011

Vangelis - "Hypothesis"


This is early Vangelis: experimental with a jazzy feel. 
This great cover art was also used for a (good) compilation LP called "Library Music"

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  1. I have a artwork book with several imaginary pictures of future. Each picture has a technical explanation of those spaceships and guns I guess.
    This "Hypothesis" picture is there too.

    About Vangelis:
    I don't know if you already have listened to this that I've posted
    in other blogs too:

    maybe you can give me your clue about
    who created those songs
    used on an episode about wildlife called "L'Eau et les Animaux" directed by Frederic Rossif and
    released in 1989. Most of the background music is by Vangelis but not those ones above for sure !

    Someone said it could be Claude larson
    or even Joel Vandroogenbroeck (aka Eric Vann)...

  2. I've listend to the tracks you sent but I don't know... There is a Claude Larson on this blog, maybe it's on it but I haven't checked. I've got other Claude Larson files that I picked here and there, I'll add them just in case !

  3. thanks a lot for those Claude Larson LPs.
    I'm getting convinced that I'm in the wrong direction.
    Maybe I should think about Roger Roger ?
    take a look on this beautiful song:

    from the Library - Ilustration Musical - "Melodies with a beat" - IM 18

    He also did good music in a modern way...
    in 1982:

    from the album
    "Informatic 2000 - Roger's New Conception"
    for Creasound Library

  4. forgot to say a few more words about Vangelis:

    Do you know his "SPIRAL" album released in 1977 ?

    just listen to this song:

    played by Ted Atking and Alain Feanch for Sonoton Library - "Scoop" - SON 153.
    And nice Concorde view !

  5. as regards Vangelis, I've posted "Sex Power" on another blog:*Vangelis
    And I also have found "Fais Que Ton Rêve Soit Plus Long Que La Nuit (1972)" but haven't put it anywhere yet. I'm going to look for "Spiral" and listen to it.
    Concerning "Scoop", I've downloaded it and I'll listen to it more closely !

  6. "Spiral" is a classic of electronic music.
    I think it was when Vangelis started using the synth Yamaha CS-80.

  7. Here's a demonstration of Yamaha CS80 by Vangelis:

  8. just posted more about Vangelis
    on "Sex Power" review:*Vangelis

  9. I can't understand why don't you try to gather the informations???

  10. I don't gather any information nor acutally review the albums because:
    1- I'm not good at that
    2- I'm not intersted in doing it (anybody can look for more info if needed, you don't need me !)
    3- I think embeding a music video is a much more interesting way of making readers discover the albums
    4- Discovering is what this blog is about: I often post things I just discovered... Sharing is not unilateral, people are free to add extra info, better links, whatever...
    5- You just did what i expect readers to act like: you added some more info yourself ! Of that I thank you sincerely !
    6- Feel free to add other comments wherever you want ! Enlighten me ! I'll be delighted to read from you !