mardi 8 mars 2011

Jean-Jacques Perrey - "The Amazing New Electronic Pop Sound Of Jean-Jacques Perrey" (1968, Vanguard)

Jean-Jacques Perrey 
(1968, Vanguard)

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  1. i do have this LP and i love it. jean Jacques is a true genius and a wonderful person. By the way i had a post about your blog on PCL linkdump, it should increase a little your visits. Long life to your blog. You have great tastes. Cheers.
    check it here :

  2. Wow, it's the second time i'm on PCL Linkdump !
    (first one with the Forbidden Planet Lobby Cards).
    This is a great honor considering how high i value your blog, guys !!!! (i've been following you for a long time and my god, the things you made me discover !). Did I tell you about my other blogs ? Not that i'm trying to get a third post on PCL, but it seems like your tastes and mine match more or less, and maybe you'll find other things that you'll like ;-)
    Have a look at the "Friends" section, they're all there ! (mixed with a few "real" friends too for good measure !!!)

  3. But i wonder ... parlez-vous français ? Etes-vous français ? mais oui Tabayo Yatukishi ... un pseudo (tristement) d'actualité! Je vias faire un tour sur les autres blogs. Merci.

  4. Yeah, tiou a twouvé ! Jé souis bienn fwançais !