mardi 22 mars 2011

Youri Gagarine - "Allo Terre ? Ici Cosmos !" -7"-

Youri Gagarine 

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  1. will this cool oddity be re-posted?

  2. the link seems to be working perfectly...

  3. These are the kinds of posts I live for! Huge thanks for sharing such a cool space oddity ;)

    link works fine btw

  4. This is great stuff. Like the saucer people said before me, the most important items I'm forever looking for on these library sites are historical artifacts such as this recording and cover art. Speeches from Winston Churchill, FDR, JFK, Joe Stalin, that hateful German anti-semite with the funny moustache (ol' Whatsisname), Malcolm X, MLK, etc. I live for these kinds of recordings!

    Thanks a million for re-upping this and I'll be sure to thank Paul Durango, too.

  5. PLease please please re-up!! Pretty please!