mardi 26 juillet 2011

SAB - "Crystallization" (1978)


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  1. Wow! The second Vanity Records release! It is not everyday you come across a Vanity rip and I have never seen the SAB album posted before so many thanks for this.

    This is such a mind blowing album and the blending of divergent styles and genres who suggest the early nineties, not the late seventies!

    This label was so ahead of the curve it's untrue and each release I have heard is so different. In a sane universe Yuzuru Agi and the other Vanity musicians who be electronic household names.....I guess this kind of music disrupts the linear narrative of music progression in the late C20th..

    I really wish I was aware of it at the time and had the good sense to buy two copies of everything, I could probably buy a small Island if I sold them off today!

    I think with much of this kind of music, it takes a generation shift before a larger audience emerges who can appreciate it and of course it is only in retrospect that the 'visionary' aspect of an artist's music can be judged.

  2. Here is another Vanity Records rip I recently came across, you probably have it already but just in case not here is a link to a 192 rip of the 1981 'Divin' album by Tolerance (Vanity Reccords vanity 0012). Yet another "it's hard to believe it was made thirty seconds ago never mind thirty years!" Vanity product, the track 'Bokw Wa Zurui Robot (Stolen From Kad)' in particular is stunning and anticipates so much of late C20th and early C21st electronica.

    The rip is not the best quality though I have not heard the original vinyl release so who does sound a little more muffled than usual and the lower and top end frequencies sound a little lacking (though that could be my aging ears)..there was a 2005 vinyl bootleg released but whether this rip comes from this or from the 1981 original is unknown (the crackles would suggest the latter)....still better than nuffink.

    For anyone new to the strange, beautiful and at time totally 'Other' world of Vanity Records a little searching should unearth a couple of blogs that have posted a few of their releases including some rare flexis..I am not been oblique and mysterious, I just cannot remember the names!

  3. Following the path, you opened, I fell once again on Mutant Sounds:
    And discoverd this amazing blog:

    ... Maybe I'll redirect a few posts to this one !!!

  4. Oh my sweet sonic gods! Huge thanks for the link to Kiwi-Dodo..the best I was hoping for was a couple of Vanity Records releases I had yet to come across...but eleven (and that includes the Aunt Sally LP and Vanity double album compilation!)...unfreakinbelievable!

    Anyway, huge kudos to you for this discovery!
    Don't know if you have checked the link I posted in my comments for the Mutant Sounds Vanity post but if not it is well worth checking out as there are some great Vanity rips to be found (singles and flexis included!)

    In addition to the Vanity Records posts, there are some amazing rips to be found at the above blog, such a shame he stopped posting at the start of 2010 (still at least he has kept the blog alive!).