mardi 26 juillet 2011

"If The Bomb Falls - A recorded guide about survival" - narrated by David Wiley

 Facts about Fallout Protection 
 narrated by David Wiley

Leaflets included:

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  1. first of all, did I tell you before how great this blog is?
    I guess I didn’t, sorry !
    Now, I’ve found several old documentaries of public domain about fallout protection, nuclear radiation facts, etc, at the Prelinger archives.

    Take a look on this classic from 1953:
    “A is for Atom”

    and this from 1955...
    “About Fallout”

    and with the same title, from 1963

    surviving under atomic attack...

    this one explains what to do in a gas attack:

    a horror animation movie trailer

    and a lot more if you search under “Nuclear” at

    Ah ! That “Incubus” by Mort Garson in your Itunes is splendid !!

  2. This is such a deranged item of nuclear ephemera when one realises this is akin to "how to survive a tsunami while sitting on the beach"..,,actually it's strangely compelling and in the last year or so when I first came across this record (trying to remember which blog it was) i have returned to it a few times and there is always a new apocalypse management tip that you didn't pick up on before...the booklet scans are great.

    ...I would love to know if this record was "rushed to market" in the wake of the Cuban missle crisis of October 1962 or if it was already in the pipeline and they saw a "window of opportunity!" what many people do not realise is just how close we came to a global nuclear holocaust that October. When the Russians ships crossed into the exclusion zone, the entire American national security council voted to immediately launch a barrage of nuclear missiles at Russia and it was only because Kennedy vetoed it saying he would not be the one who began the destruction of civilisation...he deserved better than triangulated crossfire.

    Great post.

  3. Nice blog. just discovered it / landed on it.

    this is Mike from NYC.

    I just went for this download... I know it's gonna be creepy!

    man... the leaflets.... 30% hysterical..70% terrifying.

  4. Many thanks to all of you ! I've been away a few days so I couldn't ansewer to your comments ! (And I'll be away again in 2 days !)
    All this makes me remember there was also a cartoon and a song with a turtle that explained how to react under a nuclear attack... The main thing to remember being "duck and cover" !!! Anyone knowing more about that?!

  5. Thanks to Vasco for the link to the 'Doomsday' film trailer animation..."the day of doom is coming, your blood will turn white, your face will turn green, your eyeballs will pop...." ahh sheer mondo-exploito grindhouse poetry!

    Tabayo - the 1951 civil defence cartoon you are thinking about is actually called 'Duck And Cover' featuring Bert The Turtle! Here it is:

    Here in England in the late seventies and early eighties we had an entire series of nuclear war civil defence films under the title 'Protect And Survive' which used to scare the living daylights out of me..some kind soul has put up the entire series on YT and they are well worth checking out:

    Have you ever seen the film called 'Threads'? Made here in England in 1984 it was based on a nuclear attack on the city of Sheffield in the north of England (and as I was living only a few miles away from the city centre at the time it certainly had an affect!).

    The other 'classic' British nuclear war film is 'The War Game' by Peter Watkins, made in 1965 for the twentieth anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, it was never shown and was actually banned for another twenty years as the "effect of the film has been judged by the BBC to be too horrifying for the medium of broadcasting"...

    Another great film by Peter Watkins is the 1971 "docu-drama" 'Punishment Park' but I digress!

    Just checked and Threads, The War Game and Punishment Park all available via torrent (for PP get the 961meg Demonoid rip search for "ThePunishmentPark')

  6. I remember this "Protect and Survive" series !!! I downloaded theme long time ago, and they probably still are stuck somewhere in my former hard drive... The one that crashed ! I have saved most of the data but all files have lost their names, so it will take me ages to re-arrange all that mess (and to be honest, it's so much work that I feel exhausted just thinking of it and I don't often work on it !). I think I remember more or less where I had found them in the first place...

  7. Sorry, I thought they came from Cosmobells but it wasn't that !

  8. I JUST FOUND THEM IN ANOTHER HARD DRIVE ! The whole 20 episodes ! I start uploading them at once...