vendredi 12 août 2011

Klaus Krüger - "Zwischenmischung" (1982)

Klaus Krüger 

Manuel Göttsching (Ash Ra Tempel) plays on the tracks "Motorik" and "Deutschland"

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  1. One of my favourite early eighties German NDW/Kosmische albums..totally ahead of the curve...'Wellenlänge' and 'Motorik' are particular favourites....

    have Zwischenmischung in 320kbps if needed...also have a rip of his previous album 'One Is One' from 1981 but unfortunately it is only in 192kbps but if anyone wants to hear it let me know (or ideally they have a better quality rip and post a link to that instead!)..worth getting for the short 'Piece B' track alone.

  2. I'm also fond of "Motorik"... Sadly the embed code of the YT video to this track had been desactivated ! Fell free to add the links to those nice things you're talking about !!!

  3. lame duck trying to pass off stolen links as his own. now they're dead. haha

  4. Some of those links are mine, some are not. I never tried to pretend those I copy/paste were mine. I don't stole links, I copy/paste them. By copy/pasting links, I'm being honest: I don't repack them as if they were mine. I pay tribute to the original uploaders each time I can. I used MU and most of MY links are dead. The links I copy/pasted MAY still be valid if they were not MU.
    Learn about "share".
    Get lost.