jeudi 10 février 2011

Vladimir Cosma - "Insolite and Co." (1969, PSI) + "Musique Glissante" (1968, Musique pour l'Image)

Vladimir Cosma
"Insolite And Co."
(1969, PSI)

find it on France Musik !!!


Vladimir Cosma
"Musique Glissante"
(1968, Musique pour l'Image)

Same place: France Musik again !!!

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  1. The "Les Mondes Engloutis" soundtrack has left me speechless, it is so so so good! Huge thanks to you for sharing this...I was really interested in hearing the two earlier albums you posted but all the hotfile links at Francemusik are no dead so it would be great if you could post them as obviously they are not available anywhere else as of now!

    I cannot believe Frenchmusik blog just shut down without even a goodbye! I spent months going back there hoping I would see a new post...that blog was responsible for introducing me to so many rare and unknown to me French records from the seventies and eighties and I was gutted when they shut shop!

    Luckily blogs like yours are here to soften the blow!