lundi 19 décembre 2011

Michael Bundt - "Neon" (1979)

Michael Bundt 

(thanks to the original uploader)

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  1. As you were so kind to post Neon which I had been looking ages for I thought I would give you the word that the legendary cosmic digger Basso has posted his third and final album 'Electri City' on Growing Bin:

    Thanks for all the amazing posts this year, exquisite taste all the way, here is to a cosmic year ahead...lets just hope it doesn't end with a bang!

  2. Thanks a LOT, saucer people, I had been looking for this one to add to the two others but I hadn't found it... Where could it be other than in the Growing Bin ?! Basso is incredible ! Happy New Cosmic Year, Bro' ! Don' be afraid, this is not the year that ends with a bang... This is the year when we all expand !!!!

  3. Hey, have you looked at the date ?! He put it the same day I did !!! No wonder I hadn't found it !
    (the major difference being that I don't own the Neon LP while I guess he DOES own the Electri City LP !!!)