mardi 21 février 2012

My brand new blog: Pizzakroscope


This is a PIZZA                               This is a KRO                               This is a SCOPE

... Get it ?!

I just came back from my parents with a lot of old VCR tapes I had bought in thrift stores and charity shops  loooong time ago (that is: back when I was young !) and I've started to try and save them from putrefying in a cellar by converting them into divx format. 99% of those movies are in french and the 1% left are subtitled in french anyway, but if you feel like watching old crap/weird/yet-somewhat-poetic flicks in rotten VCR conditions like in the old days I'll be happy to welcome you at the PIZZAKROSCOPE. 
All I ask from you is to be patient as it takes a lot of time to rip those videos, convert them in the proper format, and split and upload the files (would have been so much easier if MU was still active !)
As I explained in french on the blog: if a video doesn't have links, don't comment to tell me ! It's only that I haven't done it yet ! ...But it also means that I have planned to do it, so consider it as a preview...


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