vendredi 26 août 2011

... Promoting the family !!!

Here is a nice cartoon that my brother soudtracked !

More of his work HERE

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  1. Should be a previlege for your brother working for
    Supinfocom animation studios...

    I´m curious about one thing:
    Do you know how much time your brother took to create this soundtrack ?
    Maybe a whole day ?

  2. I was just curious about how much time is spent on short animation movies.
    It sounds to me that it´s very easy to create a soundtrack like that one with the help of new technologies like Laptops and software dedicated to audio production.
    But I might be wrong.
    Maybe your brother could give an idea of how things are easy or not.
    Back in the old times it would be necessary an orchestra and a maestro to make such nice music.
    And maybe it would be necessary several sessions to get a perfect 7 minutes soundtrack.

  3. Hello Vasco, I've not really count my hours on this project but i agree that it take less time that in the old time :) The technologies on music production let us work faster, it's just an other way to create...if the realisators on this project asked me to make an "accoustic" music, i would write themes and notes on paper, and we will record a small orchestra...but you imagine that they need a biggest budget for this, to pay musicians, technicians, me; I hope i can do this in a near future but the production cost could be high for a small audiovisual production enterprise...

    To give you an idea, on "Do You Have Your ticket" i've spent approximately 10 hours to find the themes who works and find the wright tempi on differents scenes to get a correct synchronisation between music and picture. 10 more hours to put ideas on the laptop, to found sounds and beats. And approximately 4 hours for mixing music alone, and music + sounddesign (I havent work on the creation of sounddesign on this project). I have work on this with work sessions of 3-4 hours per day maximum to also spend time on others projects :) So it's also take some time, and I love this :)

    Voila le travail. If you have any other questions, tell me !
    (and excuse my poor english, i work on this)

    Gérald - OR Music Production

  4. Gérald,
    sorry about my delayed reply and thank you very much for your explanation !
    It came to my mind another question after reading your text.
    You mentioned that you would create a small orchestra in demand of an "acoustic" music.
    Couldn´t you do that in a laptop ?
    I mean, I thought that nowadays there were dedicated software to simulate any kind of music in a computer.
    Well, that´s all Gérald.
    great music for "In the sky" !
    keep doing nice soundracks !
    (thanks Tabayo)