samedi 8 octobre 2011

Mc Lane Explosion (Roland Romanelli) - "Space Music" (1977, Delphine Records)

Mc Lane Explosion 
(Roland Romanelli) 
 "Space Music"

this LP contains a bunch of well-known tracks covered by Roland Romanelli. Some tracks are dull, but some also really stand out. I like a lot the tracks composed by Paul de Senneville and Olivier Toussaint. Notice that the record was released on Delphine Records, which is a record company that was owned by these two composers. They also composed tracks for very popular artists such as Michèle Torr, Claude François and many others, they recorded albums under the names Pop Concerto Orchestra and Anarchic System (with O. Toussaint singing), they composed the soundtrack to Mocky's movie "Un linceul n'a pas de poches" (launching Jean-Claude Borelly's career as a glam trumpet player !) and released on Delphine the albums of many infamous yet popular artists such as Richard Clayderman, Nicolas De Angelis and the aforementionned  J-C. Borelly ! 

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